My Family作文

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My Family作文(1)

  my family

  i have a happy family!

  my family have my mother ,my father and me.

  my father is a businessman . my mother is a businesswoman , she very beatfuil . i am a student .

  i love my family !

My family作文(2)

  this is my family photo. she is my old is she?she's thirty-two year old. he is my father. how old is he?he's thirty-five year old.this is my  old is she?she's fifteen year old .he is my brother。how is he ?he's sixteen year old.he ismy old is he.he's year old is seventy-seven. she's my old is she.she's seventy-six year old.he is my old is he? he's forty year old.she is my is she.she's  thirty-there year old. this is my. my year old is name is ma shixue . i love this family.

My family作文(3)

  i habe a happy family. there are three people in my family. they are

  my father 、my mother and i.

  my father is a judge.he goes to work at eight o’clock in the morning and

  comes home at five o’clock. he’s thirty-fibe uears old.he is bery serious.

  in the afternoon,he likes drinking a cup of the evening,he likes

  watching tv and reading weekends,he often jogs and goes

  swimming.sometimes,he talks to me about my class.

  my mother is a manage.she is thirty-four years old.she has long hair,so

  she is very the evening,she likes drinking a glass of milk and

  watching weekends,she often jogs and takes a walk.sometimes,she

  cooks lots of delicious food.

  i am a student in shi yan primary school.i am in class one grade six.

  i go to school at seven o’clock in the morning and come home at four o’

  clock. i am twelfe years old.i am taller than some of the girls in my class.

  i am good at english and art.mother often says “do more exercise,you’ll

  do better in english.”in the evening,i like reading weekends,i

  often surf the internet and play the games.

  i love my family very much!