my weekend英语作文带翻译

时间:2021-09-28 22:39:02

  Do you want to know my weekend?

  I had a busy weekend.On Saturday,the weather was great.It was sunny all day.So I had a good time.On Saturday morning,I went to the library.I read a book about Chinese.In the after-noon,I went to the mountains with my classmates.And on Saturday evening,I cleaned my ro-om.Oh!How about Sunday?On Sunday,the wather was cloudy.On Sunday morning,I did my homework.It was't difficult.And in the afternoon ,Istayed at home.And I sawan interesting so-ap opera.On Sunday night,I visited my grandparents.My grandmother cooked dinner for me.

  Please tell me about your weekend!


  我有一个忙碌的周末。星期六,天气很好。这是阳光明媚的一天。我有一段美好的时光。星期六早上,我去了图书馆。我读了一本关于中国的书。在下午,我和我的同学去了山脉。在星期六晚上,我打扫我的ro-om.Oh !周日怎么样?星期天,天气是多云的。在星期天的早上,我做我的家庭作业。这是不困难的。下午,在家里我没有用。我沙旺有趣so-ap歌剧。周日晚上,我拜访了我的祖父母。我的祖母为我做晚餐。